Maestro Card Online Casino Review and Description

Despite the fact that today there are a large number of a variety of electronic payment systems, many online casino players prefer to use plastic cards for cash transactions. This review is devoted to the Maestro bank card.

In fact, Maestro Card is part of MasterCard and is an international debit card service that started in 1990. The main characteristic of these cards is that they are debit, that is, the user can only use the money that he has at the moment in the bank account, in contrast to credit cards, by using which the client as if borrowing money from the bank. Also, Maestro Cards may be prepaid, with a certain amount of money directly on the card and without any link to an account in the casino.

Regarding the possibility of using Maestro Card in online casinos for cash transactions there is conflicting information. On the one hand, there is information that in Russia the most common cards are Maestro Momentum, to which, for example, many receive a salary and to use this type of cards for online payments impossible. Also a number of foreign online casinos choose the country of residence Russia this type of card disappears from the list of available cards, which confirms the impossibility of its use to make a deposit. On the other hand, some domestic online casinos accept Maestro Card for deposit and withdrawal. Interestingly, the Maestro website has absolutely no information about the conditions for using plastic cards of this company in different countries. Accordingly, you should contact your bank for more information on whether you can use your Maestro Card at an online casino.

In fact, the Maestro Card is part of MasterCard and is an international debit card service.
If you are lucky and your Maestro card is suitable for online payments, then the deposit process itself will not cause you any problems and will not take much time. You just need to choose Maestro in the section of money transactions of your account, indicate the desired amount and enter certain data. As a rule the money is transferred fast enough.

The advantages of Maestro card are simplicity of use, high speed of money transactions and availability of prepaid cards.

The disadvantages are the lack of reliable information about the terms of using the card.